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Robert Kabushenga on Transitioning from the C-Suite & his Passion for Coffee

In this episode, Brenda hosts Robert Kabushenga, one of the most prolific C-Suite executives from East Africa. Until his recent retirement from the corporate world, Robert was the chief executive at the Vision Group in Uganda, which, under his stewardship, progressed from a print media house into the media conglomerate that it is today. At present, Robert, a self-described obsessive farmer, is the owner  and administrator of Rugyeyo Farm, a coffee and banana farm located in Central Uganda. 

Robert speaks about transitioning from the corporate treadmill into full-time agribusiness, and why he chose agriculture to transition to. Robert  also chats about his passion for Ugandan coffee, the entrepreneurial opportunities that coffee presents to young Ugandans, and why Ugandans should have a patriotic love for Ugandan coffee. Robert also gives some much needed advice on retirement planning. 

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