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Flora Katusiime on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

There is an undeniable gender gap in the workplace. Research shows that women in particular are underrepresented at every level, and women of colour are the most underrepresented group of all, lagging behind white men, men of colour and white women. Women are also less likely to be hired into entry-level jobs than men, and as employees move up the corporate ladder, the disparity increases with fewer women being promoted to high level roles, compared to every 100 men. The solution to this gender gap seems simple: commitment to gender diversity and inclusion and intentional actions on the part of organizations to enlist women in the workforce, at all levels.

This podcast features Flora Katusiime, a New York based global communications and diversity and inclusion strategist.  Flora has a global and diverse background working with several organizations in the private sector and with non-profits to create equitable and inclusive spaces. Flora has had considerable success in shaping policies and initiatives that drive engagement and advance organizational transformation to ensure that those with varied cultural backgrounds are more easily noticed, recognized, appreciated, and promoted.

Flora speaks about barriers to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, strategies for increasing diversity in leadership roles, particularly for women and how her experience generally with being black in the USA has impacted her outlook, her career and her advocacy work.

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