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Emuron Alemu on Navigating the Advertising Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our final episode for our first season features Emuron Alemu, one of the most recognizable faces in advertising in Sub-Saharan Africa. Emuron is a multiple award-winning advertising creative who has created campaigns across a range of categories and disciplines. Presently, Emuron is the Chief Creative Officer at Betika. com and has won several Loeries, African Cristals Awards, MSK awards and Cannes Lions.

Emuron speaks about his journey in advertising in Sub-Saharan Africa from his agency days at Ignition in Uganda to working in-house at Betika. com, his favourite campaigns from his agency days, his favorite campaign at Betika. com and the awards which he has received which have impacted him the most. Emuron also shares the story behind what many consider to be the most impactful African advertising campaign of the past decade, ” The Most Eligible Bachelor”, a multiple award-winning awareness campaign created for the Ole Pejeta Conservancy to save the white rhino from extinction. Emuron also shares advice for young creatives who are looking to advertising as a career.

As this season draws to a close, we’d like to thank each of our guests for so graciously agreeing to be hosted on the podcast and letting us share their stories publicly. It’s amazing that we didn’t even have to ask any of you twice.

We’d like to say a big thank you to our producers, Tim Poulton and Dave Waugh over at Scrubcast, for making the production experience seamless and unproblematic and generally making the podcast sound so good! You both are amazing.

Most of all, we’d like to thank you, the listener for sticking with us for the past 16 weeks. It has been such an incredible experience to see the listenership grow from a couple hundred a week, to a couple thousand. We are humbled and thankful to each and every one of you for your support.

Viewpoints with Brenda will be back in Spring of 2022. We have so much to share, so many more incredible guests and we can’t wait to share all this with you. Until then, keep listening, keep sharing and you’ll be hearing from us soon!

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