Nomsa Nteleko on Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Africa

Africa has a unique opportunity to develop its competitiveness through artificial intelligence (AI) and there is a general sentiment that new digital technologies such as AI should be leveraged to drive large-scale transformation. AI is widely seen as a key to innovation and there are varying levels of confidence in the ability to widely deploy the technology in certain areas of the continent. A few countries on the continent, notably South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, Rwanda and Senegal have been noted in as taking different approaches in their efforts to lay the groundwork for innovation in AI.

This episode features Nomsa Nteleko, an award-winning entrepreneur from South Africa with 15 years’ experience in the ICT space. She is the Founder & CEO OS Holdings Ltd, and the Chief Commercial Officer at Amathuba AI. Nomsa’s experience is specifically in business and financial management systems, primarily assisting organizations in automating their business processes from HR, Payroll, Supply Chain and Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts.

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Robert Kabushenga on Transitioning from the C-Suite & his Passion for Coffee

In this episode, Brenda hosts Robert Kabushenga, one of the most prolific C-Suite executives from East Africa. Until his recent retirement from the corporate world, Robert was the chief executive at the Vision Group in Uganda, which, under his stewardship, progressed from a print media house into the media conglomerate that it is today. At present, Robert, a self-described obsessive farmer, is the owner  and administrator of Rugyeyo Farm, a coffee and banana farm located in Central Uganda. 

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Raymond Mujuni on African Media Covering Africa

In this episode, Brenda has a conversation with Raymond Mujuni, a journalist and the Head, Current Affairs at the Nation Media Group in Uganda about the coverage of Africa in the media.

Raymond chats about the stereotypical coverage of Africa in the media globally and what African media can do tell a more balanced African story. Raymond also talks about the democratization of media sources on the continent and how digital technologies are generally transforming the way the news is being reported on the continent. 

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Stone Atwine on Enhancing Financial Inclusion with Digital Financial Services

Fintech is fast proving to be one of the most crucial tools for advancing financial inclusion globally and particularly on the African continent. A lot of the African population remains unbanked, and as a result, in the past few years, there has been a flurry of activity in the fintech space in Africa, to deliver easy-to use, affordable and accessible financial services to the African population using technology.

In this episode, Brenda has a conversation on digital financial services as a means of enhancing financial inclusion on the African continent with Stone Atwine, the Co-Founder of Eversend. Eversend is a neobank and multi-currency wallets platform that provides currency exchange, merchant payments, and other financial services.

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Pamela Birungi on Transforming the African Business Landscape with 5G

In this episode, Brenda speaks to Pamela Birungi, a senior technology executive and the Senior Manager, Technology Strategy and Performance with the Zain Group,  a leading telecommunications group in the Middle East and Africa, about the importance of 5G, 5G in Africa and the positive impact 5G will inevitably have on the African business landscape.

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Is Uganda Ready for First Oil?

Ugandan industry experts Pamela Natamba (Partner and Head, Oil & Gas at PricewaterhouseCoopers Uganda) and Tony Otoa (Chief Executive at Stanbic Business Incubator Ltd) speak to Brenda about Uganda’s readiness for First Oil, in light of the recent signing of some of the agreements for the East African crude oil pipeline.

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Geofrey Mutabazi on Clean Mobility and Energy Access in Africa

In this episode of Viewpoints with Brenda, Brenda chats with Geofrey Mutabazi, the Founder and CEO of ChargeKo Technologies, an electronic charging solutions company based in Uganda, and a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum. Geofrey shares insights on the clean mobility industry in Africa and how Africa being richly endowed with the minerals that drive the clean mobility space, can leverage its position to lead the global clean mobility race.

Geoffrey also speaks about why a decentralized grid is the best way forward to improve access to energy in Africa. 

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Launching the Viewpoints Podcast with Mark Tinka

Viewpoints is pleased to launch our podcast, Viewpoints with Brenda. The podcast is a pivot from the mergers & acquisitions and banking & finance commentary, and features conversations with African change-makers, innovators, professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers. Our first conversation features Mark Tinka, the Head of Engineering at Seacom, Africa’s pioneer ICT infrastructure company.

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