Viewpoints is a website curated by Brenda Ntambirweki, a Ugandan lawyer, author and legal commentator with over a decade of experience in mergers and acquisitions and banking and finance. 

Brenda obtained a Bachelor of Laws (LLB, First Class (Hons)), from Makerere University in Uganda in 2006, and a postgraduate degree, the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), from the prestigious University of Oxford in the United Kingdom in 2008. She has been ranked by Chambers and Partners Global (2014-2019) as an expert based abroad for Uganda.

Brenda believes one must bring their whole self to the table in order to take up space. She has a strong passion for writing and legal commentary, and offers routine insights on trends in mergers and acquisitions and banking and finance in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and beyond.

Brenda is also Pan African and has a desire to drive positive conversation about the African continent. On her podcast, Viewpoints with Brenda, she holds regular conversations with African changemakers, influencers and entrepreneurs from all sectors.

Viewpoints also occasionally features contributions from guest writers on other topics of interest.